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Olga Medina

Olga Medina

With the holidays fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about booking your holiday hair appointments. 
Appointments are starting to get limited so don’t wait to book if you are not one who normally pre-books for future appointments.
I will be prioritizing clients throughout the next few weeks to make sure that everyone can get in during my normal business hours. 
If you don’t want to wait for us, you can totally book online  24/7.

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Holiday Dates we won’t be at the salon:
  • November (thanksgiving day)
  • December 25th ( Christmas Day)
  • January 1, New Year Day ,2 and 3rd
  • We will be working on January 4th
  • Black Friday, will be open from 3-8
Due to the increased demand during the busy holiday season You will be expected to pay 50% of the scheduled service. This is a deposit, the remaining balance is due at your appointment, and is subject to change based on the details of your service. Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment time are nonrefundable.The deposit goes towards your service on the day of your appointment  to hold your slot. Deposits are non-refundable or non-transferable with no exemptions.  A 48 HOUR NOTICE is requested. If cancellation, changing or rescheduling occurs within less than 48 hours, deposit will be forfeited.a fee or 50% of your scheduled services will be required before booking your next appointment. By booking an appointment you agree to all policies noted above. Simply You Hair Studio reserves the right to refuse appointments for any reason. Should no shows, cancellations, and/or habitual rescheduling recur, service will no longer be provided
Due to the increased demand we can not guarantee to fit you back on our schedule prior to January 4th, 2024 if any adjustments are made to your appointment during these dates. November 1st – December 31 2023.
After Hours With Olga
Olga has also opened up special days & times during the next 2 months that are outside of our normal hours, if you choose one of these dates & times they are at a different price range.(think overtime hours where you work) Just call and ask for this option  “After Hours with Olga” when you book your Appointment
After Hours Pricing are as follows: 
  • Curly Haircut and styling $250
  • Any color services (consultation is a must for exactly price)
These pricing are only on after hours not for normal business hours!!
Olga’s normal hours are Tuesdays, Wednesday 9am to 4pm Friday 9am to 6pm
Special hours are:
  • Monday from 11am to 4pm
  • thursday from 11am to 4pm
  • Saturday and every other Sundays from 12:30-4:30
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