Massage Therapy

Massage Petite - 30 minutes / $45.00 (Short Swedish Massage)

A relaxing massage - perfect for the person on-the-go, who needs some time for themselves to unwind and wants to focus on only one area of the body.

Massage for Relaxation - 60 minutes / $80.00 (Swedish Massage)

Allows you to de-stress by promoting relaxation to the body. Generally provided with light, gentle strokes, it also increases circulation, enhances muscle tone, regulates blood pressure, boosts the immune system, reduces headaches, anxiety and insomnia, and generates other health benefits.

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage - 60 minutes / $85.00 (Prenatal/Postnatal Massage)

A pampering massage that specifically caters to the needs of the expecting mother, or mother who recently gave birth - while receiving all of the benefits of a relaxing massage.

Massage for the Athlete - 60 minutes / $90.00 (Sports Massage)

Designed for the active person or athlete, who seeks improved athletic performance pre- and post-activity/event and focus on specific muscle groups and joints. Many of the benefits include increased power and endurance during future work outs, faster recovery time after work outs (reduces inflammation, cramping, and soreness), and improved range of motion and muscle flexibility. Recommended for any active person as part of their regular maintenance or wellness routine.

*Personalized Therapeutic Massage - 60 minutes / $95.00 (Therapeutic/Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Massage)

Being the most popular and recommended service, this massage is fully customized to each person's needs and expectations - utilizing many modalities and techniques (such as Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, stretching, etc.) to reduce stress and chronic pain and ensuring the best results. Many experience a significant decrease in pain/discomfort after this session. This massage is perfect for those who generally enjoy a relaxing experience, but need special attention to those particular troublesome areas.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes / $100.00 (Hot Stone Massage)

Smooth, heated stones are used and placed on the body to warm, loosen and relax tight muscles. Perfect for those who enjoy heat and relaxation, and still receive all of the health benefits of massage.

Adolescent Massage - 60 minutes / $75.00 (Adolescent Massage)

For those under 18 years of age - with the permission and signature of a parent/guardian, receive a massage that will improve athletic performance, assist in the healing process of a past injury, or reduce anxiety/stress and muscle tension.

Geriatric Massage (70+ years old) - 60 minutes / $75.00 (Geriatric Massage)

Provides comfort, relaxation, and overall health and wellness for senior citizens aged 70 years or older - reduces pain of arthritis, increases joint mobility and circulation, and relieves anxiety and depression.


Make it Organic! - $10.00

Request the use of organic products for any massage. The massage lotion is enriched with certified organic jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera extract and olive oil - infused with chamomile and arnica extract.

Foot/Hand OR Back Scrub - $25.00 Foot/Hand & Back Scrub - $40.00

Add a salt or sugar-based body scrub of your hands and feet or back to any massage! A body scrub gently exfoliates, hydrates and moisturizes dry skin, making your skin super soft and smooth.

"Additional 15 minutes" - $20.00

Extend your enjoyment with any massage by adding an extra 15 minutes.

Reflexology - 15 minutes / $25.00 30 minutes / $40.00

Indulge yourself! Receive a therapeutic foot massage and reduce those aches and pains. Every part of the body is connected to the soles of the feet by nerve pathways that assist in increasing energy, improving circulation and creating balance.

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